When you need a roofer – these local contractors will be there for you. Need a roofer fast? Make that call!


What could be more important than the roof over your head? Protect your home and belongings. Call a contractor to inspect your roof today.


Whether it’s re-roofing out of necessity, you just want a new look, or you’re building an extension, you’ll find all the best local roofers right here.

Choosing local roofers can be hard work. To begin with, where will you find a list of all the best contractors? Just compiling a list of local businesses to get quotes from is hard work. And you might still miss a business you hear great things about after the fact. But now you can leave fear of missing out behind. Our network of local contractors are all experienced professionals – and finding a local professional just got easy.

Local roofers are among the businesses that support communities, create jobs, and deliver technical expertise. They’ll offer you a fair deal for a job well done – but since roofing isn’t the kind of service you order up every day, getting to know your options can be tough.

Now, you can find licensed, bonded, and insured roofers “under one roof” with our local roofer listing. And since we don’t just represent one business and want to keep up our great reputation as the place to find local roofers, you can be sure that our contractors maintain the utmost professionalism from start to finish. All the businesses in our roofer listings are selected on the basis of their excellent reputations.

Although we’re inclined to forget about roofs until there’s storm damage, mold, or nasty roof leaks, regular maintenance protects our homes, our possessions, and our good health. So bookmark our roofer listing and be sure to get your roofers in for an inspection every spring and fall.

Do you need to find a roofer? The first step is to get quotes and talk to a few roofing companies – the rule of thumb is to examine at least three estimates before choosing a local roofer. Getting those quotes has never been easier. Simply browse our local roofer list for your area right now.

You love supporting local businesses, and we love helping you to find the reputable contractors you need to get your roofing project done. From construction to renovations and repairs, our contractors keep your home cozy, weatherproof, and looking great.

How to Choose a Roofing Company

Since our roofer listing has you covered in terms of finding contractors in your area, you need only decide which contractor to select for the job. But how will you know who to choose?

When you consult our roofer listing you have already check off a few items on your list of criteria:

• The roofer is licensed and has the appropriate insurances to protect you from liability or damages during works.
• The roofing contractor operates locally within your area and doesn’t charge expensive franchise fees.
• Businesses in our listings are companies in good standing in the local business and consumer community.
With these basics covered, you can proceed to the selection process. Look for the following plus points during the quotation process:
• The roofing company sends a representative to the site to evaluate the task.
• Appointments are kept, and company representatives conduct themselves with professionalism.
• The person who compiles the quote explains what the project entails, why various elements will be included in the quote, and how the work will be conducted.
• The quote is itemized and final. There is no “fine print” indicating the possibility of extra charges.
• The quote is realistic. Since you’re not a roofer, the only way to check this is to get several quotes.
• Check the line items and compare prices. If one of the roofers is using better quality materials than another, for example, it could be a better choice even though the cost is higher.
Throughout, feel free to ask questions. You may not be a roofer, but as the client, you are entitled to be fully informed on any and every task-related aspect you feel the need to know. Your roofer should answer your questions during the quotation process patiently and comprehensively.

Our listed roofing contractors help you with:

• Roof inspections
• Roof maintenance
• Tracing and repairing roof leaks
• Roof coatings
• Reroofing
• Roof extensions / alterations
• Roof construction
• Veranda roofs
• Guttering and downpipes

Our roofing contractors span the full spectrum of roofing materials and techniques. Whether you wish to renew or repair shingles, or need installation or maintenance of roof-sheets, hope to restore a slate roof to its former glory or desperately need a full roof tear-off and replacement, you’ll find the local roofers you need right here.